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Geothermal Massage

Geothermal Stone Therapy,  uses both hot basalt stones and cooled white marble stones.


It is based on the knowledge of native people who have used hot and cold stones and specific stroke and layout systems for over ten thousand years.


The skillfull combination of hot and cold stones encourages relaxation and  assists the body in self-healing .


Basalt and marble stones are the medium and the hot and cold temperatures are the message.


This "vascular gymnastics" of the circulatory system will help to bring your body back into balance.

The Effects Of Heat

increases the metabolism


makes muscles and tissue relax as they expand


causes blood vessels to expand, increasing blood supply


increases circulation, bringing fresh blood to the heated muscles


helps the body get rid of waste products (increases the lymph function)







The Effects Of Cold

stops muscle spasms and relaxes the muscles


the body's pain relievers are released, numbing pain


causes blood vessels to contract, sending blood & fluid away from the cooled area


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